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Board Of Governors

  • Product of history, I believe, is the growth of education. With education we have turned ourselves from apes into sanehuman beings. While living under the famous Socratic phrase " Examined Life", I have an ardent desire to equip Pakistani youth with quality education and Pak Shama School is the consolidated proof of my long cherished dream, dream of producing finer human beings. I can assure without a single tint of doubt that this new century will see explosion of education and I am happy that Pak Shama School will also be, at least, a partner to it..

    Mr. M.A.Shahid (Managing Director)

  • Education, in fact, is the embroidery on the cloth of life. Education can make us see, can make us feel and can make us learn the twists and turns of mind and of this immense universe. Aim of my institution is the dream of every human being i.e. to change this world with the instrument of education. Pak Shama School is striving to put the best talent in the best order to create best human beings. We have combined the labor of days and nights and I assure you that this marriage of labor will come out with some of the finest jewels of the educational world.

    Miss Nabila Kaukab (Principal)